Care & Maintenance package 1

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Your website...

Imagine knowing that your website is being taken care of and monitored without you having to lift a finger.

As a reminder, here is how we will be taking care of your website.

Included in Package 1

  • Daily backups

    We implement a daily backup that is stored off-site in remote cloud storage. These daily backups are kept for 90 days.

  • Weekly WordPress Updates

    We will check your website weekly for any WordPress core, plugin and theme updates and update them when available. Any security or vulnerability updates will be done as soon as released.

  • MONTHLY Performance check

    We will monitor the speed of your website and make adjustments if performance dips.


    We will scan your website Monthly for any security or vulnerability issues and malware and will deal with any issues that may pop up.


    We will monitor your website 24/7 and will be alerted to any downtime experienced.

  • Premium image optimization plugin

    We will install a premium image optimization plugin that will help compress your images for faster website speed and better google ratings.

  • Monthly contact form testing

    We will test your contact form once a month to make sure that it is still working 100% and you are receiving any submissions and they are being saved to the website.

  • Broken link check

    We will scan your site for any broken links and fix them or let you know that a link to another website may no longer work.

  • Website restore service

    Should anything go wrong and you require a website restore, we will take care of the process.


    You will receive a monthly report detailing the services that have been rendered on your website each month.

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